Great Knife Bundle

We found a great deal from a company that is handing out 2 knives until they run out. You are going to want to get there quick.

Here is some info on the knives.

The Colossal: Featuring a monster 6.5” coated-steel, fixed-blade that keeps it protected in bad weather. This beast has no moving parts, so it’s durable and ready when you need it. I personally take one of these with me any time I go camping…

The Pearl Stiletto: This slender blade was made famous by Italian assassins…you get the picture. It’s easier to conceal than The Colossal thanks to the folding mechanism, so it also functions as a regular pocket knife when you need it.

With these two at your side, you’ll be prepared when the time comes…If you want to learn more about this combo, secure your FREEDOM today by clicking here!