How Soros helped Hamas go mainstream

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George Soros, who for decades has been funding progressive, neo-Marxist leftist groups, also poured money into groups and individuals that reject the existence of Israel. So, it is not surprising that his son, Alexander, who now runs the ironically named Open Society Foundations, is now funding, directly and indirectly, pro-Hamas demonstrations and Hamas-supporters’ encampments on university campuses across the United States.

The campus “occupations” are reminiscent of Kyiv’s Maidan Square encampment in the winter of 2004-2005, when Soros helped fund the Orange Revolution. He also supported the 2014 demonstrations of the Maidan Revolution, for which he was awarded Ukraine’s Order of Freedom by the Ukrainian president he helped elect, Petro Poroshenko.

Soros is the prime mover behind a decades-long effort culminating with a tsunami of anti-Semitic attacks on Israel and Jews everywhere.

When Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, took over Gaza in 2007, Soros criticized Israel for refusing “to recognize the democratically elected Hamas government.” He deliberately ignored the fact that the Islamist terrorist group’s explicit and well-advertised objective is the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel.

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Soros has been funding, directly and indirectly — and apparently with the acquiescence of U.S. administrations — Israeli-Jewish and Israeli-Arab leftist groups, as well as media outlets, that oppose Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

That’s in addition to his generous funding of Palestinian-led groups, along with pro-Palestinian Jewish, Christian, and Muslim organizations that promote boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against Israel. Among the many groups Soros funds include Students for Justice in Palestine and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, which are spearheading violent demonstrations on college and university campuses.

More than a few organizations backed by Soros’ foundations have well-documented links with the U.S.-designated terrorist groups. All support the elections and appointments of anti-Israel activists to Congress, the administration, and international nonprofit organizations. Details of his decades-long crusade against the Jewish state are spelled out in “The Soros Agenda.”

Despite the evidence, the Open Society Foundations have repeatedly denied such funding. In 2019, Soros spokesman Michael Vachon made a feeble attempt at plausible deniability. While denying the foundations’ support of BDS groups, he admitted that at times they simply don’t know how their support is used. “The foundation[s] cannot track every project connected to every organization that … [they have] supported over the decades,” he said.

The Open Society Foundations and their well-funded proxies never fail to condemn Israel for its effort to curb the activities of Palestinian terrorist groups masquerading as human rights charities. Like parrots, they repeat Hamas’ lies about Israel. Their phrasing is then used by the United Nations, the European Union, and Biden’s State Department to further criticize Israel.

Just how many millions of dollars Soros has directed to pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, and anti-American groups is unclear. These are merely guesstimates because the Open Society Foundations are notoriously opaque.

What is certain, however, is that Soros is not only funding the pro-Hamas and anti-American demonstrations we see on campuses today. He has also been the prime mover behind a decades-long effort culminating with a tsunami of anti-Semitic attacks on Israel and Jews everywhere.

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