Violent Protests Erupt at Virginia Commonwealth University: Air-Raid Sirens Sound, Riot Police Deployed, and Shelter-in-Place Order Issued (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Samuel Parker/X

Virginia Commonwealth University has become the latest epicenter of violent protests, as pro-Hamas supporters occupied parts of the campus, leading to a tense standoff with riot police. Authorities issued a shelter-in-place order for all students.

The confrontation began Monday morning when a group of student protesters established what they called a “Liberation Zone” outside the James Branch Cabell Library on VCU’s Monroe Park campus. The group displayed Palestinian flags and chanted “Free Palestine,” demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and calling for VCU to sever all financial ties with Israel.

As the day progressed, tents were erected, and protesters fortified their position by forming a barrier around the zone.

As the day progressed, the situation intensified with pro-Hamas supporters occupying the library and courtyard. Police responded by deploying tear gas and pepper spray after protesters hurled objects at officers.

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Social media posts showed tense standoffs between law enforcement and demonstrators, with the latter demanding that VCU disclose and divest any financial ties to Israel and protect pro-Palestinian speech on campus.


All students at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond are instructed to shelter-in-place due to police action against the pro-Hamas rioters.

RTD News reporter Samuel B. Parker provided live updates from the scene.

The evening saw the police making multiple arrests and a trash truck arriving to clear the makeshift encampments. Despite the police’s efforts to disperse the crowd, chants continued, and the number of demonstrators reportedly grew.

“Officers have moved into position and disassembled the makeshift barricade. Pepper spray has been deployed and protesters threw bottles and other projectiles at officers.”

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