The Columbia Protests Are Getting More Dangerous by the Hour

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New York’s Columbia University, which has been beset by antisemitic protests in recent weeks, tried to bargain with the miscreants on Monday, threatening their academic status if they continue to occupy the campus. 


“It is important for you to know that the university has already identified many students in the encampment,” a letter titled “Notice to Encampment” read. “If you do not leave by 2 p.m., you will be suspended pending further investigation.”

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“If you voluntarily leave by 2 p.m., identify yourself to a university official, and sign the provided form where you commit to abide by all university policies through June 30, 2025, or the date of the conferral of your degree, whichever is earlier, you will be eligible to complete the semester in good standing,” the letter continued. 

“You are not permitted to complete the Spring 2024 semester, including participate in classes or exams in-person or remotely or otherwise submit assignments or engage in any activities affiliated with Columbia University,” the notice circulated among the protesters warned. “You may lose the semester. If you are scheduled to graduate, you are no longer eligible.”

According to the Columbia Spectator, the protesters voted not to leave the encampment. 

“To be clear, if you personally do not feel comfortable … you don’t have to stay, but we’re making a decision as a collective,” an organizer told demonstrators. 


Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the groups behind the protests, tweeted that students should not comply. 

Alas, the deadline came and went, and the occupiers are still amassed on campus. 

The parents shelling out $66k+ per year for tuition for their little radicals must be thrilled that they might not come out of it with a diploma. That said, I don’t believe for a minute that Columbia will follow through with these threats. They’re a charade made to look like the university is “doing something” to cool down the powder keg. 


If you’re wondering how these privileged kids “know so much that isn’t so,” as Ronald Reagan famously said, here is your answer: 

Radicalism is baked into the cake at America’s elite universities. Professors nostalgic for the ’60s protest movement spoon-feed it to their students under the guise of education. 

While the play-by-play of this on-campus drama may be amusing, it’s also very dangerous. As we approach the 54th anniversary of the Kent State tragedy, it’s important to understand how quickly a “mostly peaceful” protest can escalate into violence. 

This is a developing story. 

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