Robert DeNiro Is Doing Dramatic Readings of Trump’s Trial

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If there has ever been as clear a case of separating the art from the artist, I would nominate actor Robert DeNiro for that. He’s done some amazing movies and roles like “The Godfather Part II,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” and others. Yet he is such a virulent hater of Donald Trump that it’s not even amusing.


Would you believe me if I said that DeNiro is doing dramatic readings of Trump’s trial up in New York for the whole Stormy Daniels “hush money” trial?

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I didn’t think you would be surprised.

According to Breitbart, DeNiro is joining Glenn Close and Liam Neeson in doing dramatic readings of the trial proceedings with MSNBC on a podcast called “Prosecuting Donald Trump.”

As they described in this little song and dance, “De Niro recited passages from the so-called ‘statement of facts’ filed by [DA Alvin] Bragg in his suit against Trump. De Niro recited claims about The National Enquirer and its parent company, AMI. Later, the Raging Bull actor read passages about alleged payments made to former porn star Stormy Daniels.”

No, I did not know they had a podcast about it either, but it’s partly designed to shill a book called “The Trump Indictments” written by former prosecutors and podcast hosts Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord, the former whom you may remember as one of the main prosecutors in the Russian collusion hoax.

In other words, it’s a political version of the sort of videos Stormy Daniels used to do, and the subject matter is just as fake. On top of that, unless you’re a sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s more annoying than titillating.


If anything, these dramatic readings are slightly worse than Stormy Daniels’ former gigs because those were never conducted by people presenting themselves as journalists and objective legal analysts reporting the news in a fair and even-handed way.

But should we really be surprised?

The whole January 6 Committee was essentially the same thing, literally broadcast on primetime television like it was the Super Bowl for the Democrat-media complex.

Of course, my friend Victoria Taft recently detailed how former Obama attorney Norm Eisen had essentially revived JournoList through regular Zoom meetings between leftwing “journalists” (read: propagandists) and legal hacks on how to make it look like the walls are finally closing in on Donald Trump as the trial continues, rather than objectively reporting about it.

For Our VIPs: Obama Attorney Leads Secret Meetings of TV Legal Commentators to Spin Trump Trials

And the scary part was how they essentially set the narrative for everyone else, as she also detailed on Sunday how all the media outlets were reporting that Trump “publicly threatened” David Pecker in Borg-like fashion, even though what Trump actually said was that Pecker was “a nice guy.”


As Auron MacIntyre said, you do not hate journalists enough.

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