Pelosi’s ‘The Art of Power,’ slated to come out later this year

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Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, who has previously served as House speaker and was the first and only woman ever to do so, has a book coming out later this year titled “The Art of Power.”

The long-serving lawmaker who has been in office since 1987, spent two decades serving as either House speaker or House minority leader.

Pelosi, 84, is seeking re-election this year.

“Pelosi took positions that established her as a prophetic voice on the major moral issues of the day, warning early about the dangers of the Iraq War and of the Chinese government’s long record of misbehavior. This moral courage prepared her for the arrival of Trump, with whom she famously tangled, becoming a red-coated symbol of resistance to his destructive presidency. Here, she reveals how she went toe-to-toe with Trump, leading up to January 6, 2021, when he unleashed his post-election fury on the Congress. Pelosi gives us her personal account of that day,” a book description on the Simon & Schuster website states.

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“Nearly two years later, violence and fury would erupt inside Pelosi’s own home when an intruder, demanding to see the Speaker, viciously attacked her beloved husband, Paul. Here, Pelosi shares that horrifying day and the traumatic aftermath for her and her family,” the description notes.

Simon & Schuster’s site also indicates that Pelosi and her husband “live in San Francisco, which they consider heaven on earth.”

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