David Frum Embarrasses Himself Again, This Time Regarding Israel, Iran, and Ukraine

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It was an impressive feat for Israel to successfully stop the massive missile and drone attack that Iran launched on Saturday evening. While the entire situation is the epitome of yet another Joe Biden foreign policy failure, David Frum of The Atlantic claims that it’s really an indictment of Donald Trump and the Republicans.


How exactly did he reach that conclusion? Apparently, it has something to do with Ukraine.

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“In 2022, Congress approved four aid packages to Ukraine totaling about $75 billion,” Frum writes. “Republicans took control of the House in January 2023. Since then, Congress has refused any further aid to Ukraine. President Joe Biden asked for a fifth package in August 2023. No action. Biden asked again in October 2023. Again, nothing. Over the winter, Ukrainian forces ran short of ammunition and other military supplies. Ukraine’s successes in 2023 are fading in 2024 because congressional Republicans are blockading Ukraine into defeat.”

Frum takes opposition to a blank check for Ukraine as proof that Republicans, not Biden, are weak on the international stage. “Because of Trump, Republicans are now the party of foreign-policy weakness, passivity, and surrender—and not only to Russia.”

That’s cute. When did Russia invade Ukraine? Was it under Trump or under Biden? When did Iran attack Israel? Was it under Trump or under Biden? David Frum’s idea of weakness on the world stage seems to be divorced from reality. 


He ignores the fact that on Friday, just before Biden went on another vacation, he warned Iran not to attack Israel, but it did anyway. In fact, Iran scoffed at his warnings and planned to launch the attack anyway, prompting the Biden administration to basically greenlight the attack “within certain limits.” Of course, it wasn’t a limited strike, it was a massive strike.

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That’s what weakness looks like when our enemies know that they can do whatever they want because Biden is too weak to respond. And why should Iran think that it has anything to worry about when Biden has spent his entire presidency appeasing it? By enabling Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Biden has emboldened the regime, which was evident in the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists’ attacks on ships in the Red Sea, disrupting vital global trade routes. 

Additionally, Iran-backed Hamas attacked Israel a month after Biden unfroze $6 billion in Iranian assets. Biden is so weak that Chinese President Xi Jinping scoffed at him when Biden told him not to invade Taiwan, and he has made it clear that he intends to do so anyway.


That’s what weakness looks like.

Sadly, the mainstream media cares more about defending Biden than reporting the facts. We appear to be on the precipice of World War III, and the media would rather blame Trump than acknowledge how Biden’s weakness got us to this point.

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