Judge rejects Hunter Biden request to dismiss gun case, says it is not politically motivated

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Hunter Biden’s legal defense suffered a blow in court Friday after a federal judge in Delaware ruled that the federal gun case against the president’s son would continue.

Biden is accused of lying about his drug abuse on a background check in Oct. 2018 when he applied for a gun permit. He is facing two counts of lying about drug abuse when seeking to buy a weapon and one charge of unlawful possession of a firearm while addicted to a controlled substance.

His attorneys argued that the case against Biden was politically motivated, but the judge presiding over the motion disagreed.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika said that Biden offered “nothing concrete” to prove that Republican efforts against him led to the charges he’s facing.

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“The pressure campaign from Congressional Republicans may have occurred around the time that Special Counsel decided to move forward with indictment instead of pretrial diversion, but the Court has been given nothing credible to suggest that the conduct of those lawmakers (or anyone else) had any impact on Special Counsel,” Noreika wrote. “It is all speculation.”

Biden’s attorneys also argued that he had not committed a crime and that a first-time user would not have faced criminal charges.

Prosecutors argued that the evidence against Biden was “overwhelming” and included the discovery of cocaine residue in the pouch where he kept the gun.

Biden is also facing separate charges in California related to alleged tax evasion where he is accused of withholding $1.4 million that he owes to the government and for filing false tax returns. His attorneys had asked for those charges to be dismissed eight times, but the judge presiding in that case allowed it to continue.

The trial against Biden for the gun charge may be held in June, at a time when his father will be in the middle of a campaign to be re-elected.

Judge Noreika was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2018 with Democratic support. She has not yet issued a judgement on Biden’s defense that the charges are infringing on his Second Amendment rights.

Hunter Biden was recently spotted at the White House during the annual presidential Easter egg hunt.

Here’s more about the case:

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