Joe Did That: Inflation Costs Americans an Extra $1K Monthly

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Thanks to the wonders of Bidenomics, the average American is spending over a thousand dollars extra a month. Fortunately, Biden is focused on important things — like funding jihad supporters in Gaza and paying off student loans with taxpayer money the government cannot spare.


Fox Business highlighted the $1,069 cost increase compared to three years ago before Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies drove up inflation higher than Hunter Biden smoking Parmesan cheese. Inflation has allegedly fallen since 2022, but the context for that statement is that inflation is still rising, just at a supposedly slower rate — inflation went up about 18% under Biden. You still have to shell out more money for the basic costs of living than you did two or three years ago, which is why Americans are increasingly burdened with credit card debt.

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As of February, two-thirds of full-time American workers said that their income had not kept pace with inflation. Real wages have been steadily dropping since Biden took office.

From Fox Business:

The typical U.S. household needed to pay $227 more a month in March to purchase the same goods and services it did one year ago because of still-high inflation, according to calculations from Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi shared with FOX Business.

Americans are paying on average $784 more each month compared with the same time two years ago and $1,069 more compared with three years ago, before the inflation crisis began… when compared with January 2021, shortly before the inflation crisis began, prices remain up a stunning 18.94%.


Food, child care, and rent — the necessities — are devastatingly expensive under the Biden administration. Fox quoted Bright MLS chief economist Lisa Sturtevant, “Inflation has not just stalled, but it is moving in the wrong direction.” Unfortunately, low-income Americans — those who can least afford to spend more — are of course hardest hit by rising costs.

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures the costs of what is supposed to be a representative “basket of goods,” continues to be well above the rate that the U.S. had before the economically damaging COVID-19 pandemic, Fox explained. The necessities mentioned above (food, rent, child care) are significantly more expensive than they were just a year ago. 

“Housing and gasoline costs were the biggest drivers of inflation last month, accounting for more than half of the total monthly increase,” Fox added. Food and auto insurance costs also went up, with the latter at a sobering 22.2% increase over the same time in 2023. Inflation is causing Americans to use up savings and increasingly rack up credit card debt to meet expenses, a situation that is both risky and unsustainable.


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Credit card debt in America reached a new record high by the end of December 2023, Fox Business noted, citing data from the New York Federal Reserve.

Bidenomics has been nothing but a catastrophe for ordinary Americans, costing them ever more money even as their real wages decrease.

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