WATCH: Biden Wanders Aimlessly in Rain, Karen Handlers Shoo Away Press

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Today in “this is how Democracy™ works, Jack, no joke, you dog-faced pony soldier,” we have the virile president of the United States getting lost in the rain, rescued, and then shielded from public views by his frumpy, childless handlers (the press they are paid to control are surrogate children to them).


Via BizPac Review (emphasis added):

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The lengths to which President Joe Biden’s handlers will go to protect him from scrutiny before the election was laid bare in a shocking video clip that’s blowing up on social media.

Team Biden has made the call that the mentally decaying 81-year-old can’t be allowed to function in a non-controlled setting where there’s a chance that he could go off script, potentially making the killer gaffe that could cost him a second term.

On Thursday, the plan was seen in action when the geriatric Democrat was set to field questions at an event in Michigan when a trio of white liberal women rushed in to shoo off reporters in what was described by one social media user as an “incredible scene.”

During his visit to Saginaw, the president dropped by the 131-year-old mansion owned by the Saginaw City Council and Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education members where he schmoozed with voters on the building’s porch.

In the video, Biden is heard asking “Can I take a couple questions?” and a woman wearing a Biden-Harris campaign jacket also says “We’re going to take a few questions,” at which point the protective harpies intervened to chase away reporters. It was a stunning – and very revealing – scene.

Below is the video depicting, doing their best North Korean minder impression, the anonymous gaggle of Karens who apparently run the government, or at least the alleged president, swoop in to save the day with a chorus of high-pitched, passive-aggressive “thank-yous” and “back to the cars” as they shoo the cameras away.


At what appears to be the same event, here the Brandon entity is bewildered in the rain before dutiful supporters come to his aid and guide him inside, but not before a deadly door almost takes him out of commission.

News followers will note this is by no means a freak occurrence. Biden is routinely censored by his own staff to avoid embarrassing gaffes.

“Am I allowed to take any questions? Anybody here?” the Brandon entity asks seemingly nobody, standing and looking confused before the feed gets cut to the event.

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