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We all know Hunter Biden did some shady stuff beyond hookers and crack, even if you don’t think his father Joe was involved.

Hate to burst the mainstream media news bubble you live in but more evidence mounts against the guy practically daily through House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry.


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That mainstream media bubble keeping you in the dark probably didn’t tell you that a strategy memo dredged up by the inquiry showed Hunter Biden was involved in an unsuccessful attempt by CEFC China Energy to buy Westinghouse, an America-based but Japanese-owned (by Toshiba) manufacturer of nuclear reactors.

CEFC, which was in pretty deep with Chinese intelligence and was where Joe became Mr. “10% for the Big Guy,” sought to buy Westinghouse through intermediaries such as Hunter associate James Gilliar’s European Energy and Infrastructure Group because that’s not suspicious at all.

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Moreover, Hunter, Gilliar and others such as Rob Walker “planned to signal to CEFC its ability to “create the correct support in Washington” by touting the Biden name, which came with its own deep political connections,” as Just the News reported.

I don’t know about you, but if a man was planning on helping the Chinese to gain an edge in the world nuclear energy industry (and also the oil and natural gas industries) by promoting the fact that he had personal political connections in the US, wouldn’t you be thinking there might be some involvement on part of those political people?


The deal ultimately failed, although no information could be found as to why. Part of it might have been the fact that Toshiba, which owns Westinghouse, is Japanese, and the Japanese are no friends of China or Korea by any stretch of the imagination.

Keep in mind, too, that Hunter was fully willing to take this job even after People’s Liberation Army hackers breached Westinghouse, found and indicted in 2014, just over a year and a half before Hunter and co. started working on the deal. Granted, he might have been hitting the crack pipe at that time, but Joe likely knew about it.

But why let a little thing like your country’s main adversary breaching the servers of a nuclear reactor company and one of its puppet companies coming up to buy that same company a year and a half later through your son get in the way of making money?

Matt wrote earlier today about White House Counsel Ed Siskel harshly demanding Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) stop the impeachment inquiry, saying the investigation was “over” and that no evidence was found implicating Joe Biden in Hunter’s business deals, thus the whole thing was falling apart.


As Matt noted, if any of that were even remotely true, why not let the inquiry implode on itself? If there’s nothing to hide, let the Republicans keep looking for that truffle like blind pigs and make themselves look dumb ahead of November (granted, they don’t need much help to do that).

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Problem is, there’s been a whole trail of truffles to follow, and this latest one may be the reason why Siskel wrote such a vehement letter.

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