CENSUS DATA: Americans Still Fleeing Blue States in Their Droves, Moving to Texas and Florida


Americans are still fleeing Democratic run states in their droves and moving to more conservative parts of the country, the latest census data shows.

Over the year 2022 to 2023, Los Angeles County in California, Cooky County in Illinois and Kings County in New York all experienced population declines of 119,000, 58,000 and 55,000 respectively.

Miami-Dade County in Florida came fifth in the list, potentially because of the high prices caused by Florida’s skyrocketing popularity.

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The main beneficiaries of domestic migration were Polk County in Florida, Montgomery County in Texas and Pasco County in Florida with gains of 26,000, 25,000 and 24,000 respectively.

Also near the top were Pinal County, Arizona and Horry County in South Carolina. No locations within Democratic states were listed in the top ten.

Although people’s recognition of the failings of lawless states such as California and New York is undoubtedly a good thing, many Democratic voters also bring their politics with them.

Once a solidly red state that even held out against Barack Obama’s landslide 2008 election victory, left-wing Californians migrating to Arizona have helped hand the state’s highest elected positions to Democrats, albeit aided by the widespread prevalence of election fraud.

“Domestic migration patterns are changing, and the impact on counties is especially evident,” said Lauren Bowers, chief of the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Branch.

“Areas which experienced high levels of domestic out-migration during the pandemic, such as in the Midwest and Northeast, are now seeing more counties with population growth. Meanwhile, county population growth is slowing down out west, such as in Arizona and Idaho.”

However, the census report notes that as levels of legal and illegal immigration continue to rise, the majority of U.S. counties saw positive net international migration.

“Eighty percent (2,515) of U.S. counties had positive net international migration in 2023. Miami-Dade County, Florida (54,457), and Harris County, Texas (41,665), had the largest gains from net international migration,” the report noted.

“All counties in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island experienced positive net international migration.”

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