Nathan Wade Resigns, and Fani Willis Can’t Resist Politicizing It

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That didn’t take long. Just hours after Judge Scott McAfee issued his ruling stating that either Fulton County, Ga., District Attorney Fani Willis must remove her office from the prosecution of Donald Trump and his co-defendants or her special prosecutor (with benefits) Nathan Wade must resign, Wade fell on his sword.


In his ruling, McAfee stated, “The District Attorney may choose to step aside, along with the whole of her office, and refer the prosecution to the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council for reassignment… Alternatively, (Special Assistant District Attorney) Wade can withdraw, allowing the District Attorney, the Defendants, and the public to move forward without his presence or remuneration distracting from and potentially compromising the merits of this case.”

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McAfee didn’t think that Willis and Wade’s conflict of interest was enough of an issue to order both of them to resign, so he made the ultimatum. Or, as my colleague Victoria Taft put it

Put another way, the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence of booty calls, trysts, lying on the stand, and other egregious behavior to form actual conflict of interest. Apparently, there was lots of smoke, maybe a few flames, but, in the end, there was no actual O.J. video of the conflagration, so no proof. He didn’t say the part about the O.J. video, but that seemed to be the standard of proof required by the jury in the O.J. Simpson case, so I used that term. It seems to apply to the judge here. 

The attorney sent a letter to Willis’ office tendering his resignation, in which he wrote, “Although the court found, that ‘the Defendants failed to meet their burden of proving that the District Attorney acquired an actual conflict of interest,’ I am offering my resignation in the interest of democracy, in dedication to the American public, and to move this case forward as quickly as possible.”


“I am proud of the work our team has accomplished in investigating, indicting, and litigating this case,” he added. “Seeking justice for the people of Georgia and the United States, and being part of the effort to ensure that the rule of law and democracy are preserved, has been the honor of a lifetime.”

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WSB-TV obtained a copy of the letter Willis wrote back to Wade accepting his resignation. “I received your resignation letter dated March 15, 2024, and I accept it, effective immediately,” she wrote.

In typical Willis fashion, she couldn’t resist making editorial comments and taking cheap shots, referring to the “unjustified attacks in the media and in court on your reputation as a lawyer.” She also gushed that Wade was an “oustanding advocate.”

“I will always remember — and will remind everyone — that you were brave enough to step forward and take on the investigation and prosecution of the allegations that the defendants in this case engaged in a conspiracy to overturn Georgia’s 2020 Presidential Election,” she wrote, again politicizing the situation. “Others who were considered were understandably concerned for the safety of themselves and their families that would arise from their acceptance of your role. You were the one who had the courage to accept the role, even though you did not seek it.”


Willis couldn’t resist one more cheap shot at the end of her letter when she referred to the “individuals who are accused of violating Georgia law to undermine the 2020 election for the former President of the United States.”

Read Wade’s resignation letter below:

Nathan Wade Resignation Letter by PJ Media on Scribd

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