NewsBusters Podcast: David Frum Compares Trump to Earth-Ending Comet

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Jonah Goldberg recently warned that too many people are “catastrophizing” this election, that the world might end if the candidate we hate wins. David Frum, once a speechwriter for George W. Bush, hates Donald Trump with such an intensity that he went on CNN’s morning show to compare Trump to an Earth-destroying giant comet.

FRUM: if you’re told there’s a giant comet heading toward Earth and it’s got up only about a 45 percent chance of hitting the planet, 55 percent chance it misses, you think — well, I guess on balance that’s good, but it’s still a very unacceptable risk of being hit by a giant comet….

And if you’re told that the captain of the ship that supposed to detonate the device that averts the comet, maybe a little old, you say, well, maybe it would be get better to have a young person, but since the ship has left Earth already, we just better hope succeeds in its mission.   

CNN morning host Kasie Hunt couldn’t say anything skeptical, just “Very interesting analogy.” No “fact checkers” will suggest the world will not come to an end if Trump wins. 

Also: The network evening news shows all led with the contentious House hearing with special counsel Robert Hur, who investigated Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Both parties were allowed to air their beefs with Hur, but the networks missed the point that this exchange of partisan points is what the much-praised House January 6 Committee denied. No Republican was allowed to spin in favor or Trump or against the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who could have done more to keep Congress safe. 

Curtis Houck checked out White House spokesman Ian Sams talking to reporters after the Hur hearing, trying to tell them all to “move on” from the topics of Biden’s age and malfeasance with classified documents strewn around all over the place.  ABC’s Mary Bruce asked this softball: “Does the White House believe that Robert Hur is acting as a partisan player?”

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Later, Owen Jensen of the Catholic network EWTN shouted to Sams about whether he regrets having penned a letter last September that attacked the press for how they covered the Hur report, claiming it repeated Republican “lies.” But Sams is still claiming there’s “no evidence” that Joe Biden was involved in a family business with his son Hunter and his brother James, which is an obvious lie at this late date. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts: 

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