What’s really going on at the border? Blaze Originals documentary ‘Texas vs. The Feds’ drops TOMORROW

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The last everyone heard, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and the state of Texas were in a standoff with the federal government over the invasion at our border, which has become the top policy concern of 2024.

So what’s the latest news? The real latest news — not the phony narrative that elites and the mainstream media are pushing.

That question is exactly what fueled the Blaze Originals team and Jason Buttrill’s trip to the border alongside the “Take Our Border Back” convoy.

One thing is clear: “The crisis is being used by Republicans as a photo op, by the Democrats to expand their voting base, and by the media to slander their enemies,” says Jason.

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But we want to know (and we deserve to know) what’s really going on behind the scenes in Abbott’s fight against federal agents. According to Jason, “What’s happening … could determine the fate of the next presidential election.”

In this Blaze Originals documentary, we’re exposing the truth about the single most defining issue of our time — the truth the mainstream media has kept hidden, as it’s far more sinister than you’ve been led to believe.

“Texas vs. The Feds: How the Elites Use the Border Crisis Against Us” drops tomorrow, March 14, for BlazeTV+ subscribers. Use promo code BORDERCRISIS for $30 off your subscription.

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