Toxic Democrat Cori Bush Calls Trump “The Former White Supremacist in Chief” During House Hearing (VIDEO)

Cori Bush being Cori Bush – slandering Donald Trump

Radical Marxist Democrat Cori Bush hit a new low on Tuesday.

During her questioning of former Special Counsel Robert Hur, Bush, a radical activist who made a name for herself during the violent Ferguson riots of 2014, accused President Trump of being “the former white supremacist in chief.”

What a disgusting, foul mouth.

If Republicans had any courage ornumbers they would censure this Squad member for her repulsive remarks.

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Cori Bush: Thank you for being here, Mr. Hur. St. Louis and I are here today once again(?) to focus on the real issues that affect our communities instead of partisan hit jobs. Let me start by saying that the potential mishandling of classified information is a serious issue, and I believe it was appropriate for the Attorney General to appoint both special counsels in the Biden and Trump cases.

As my colleagues have pointed out, President Biden fully complied with the investigation conducted by special counsel, Hur, who did not find evidence sufficient to warrant criminal charges. Despite this outcome, Republicans have used the special counsel’s report to furthering their long standing efforts to reelect, reelect the former white supremacist in chief, Donald Trump, who faces 40 criminal charges related to the mishandling of classified documents, including obstruction of justice.

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