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Deadspin, the sport-focused “news” site that falsely accused a Native American boy at a Kansas City Chiefs game of wearing blackface, is now officially dead.

Okay, not officially, but its entire editorial staff got laid off after a European startup called Lineup Publishing bought it from its original owner, G/O Media.


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The New York Post provided more detail; a memo from G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller said Lineup would “not carry over any of the site’s existing staff and instead build a new team more in line with their editorial vision for the brand. While the new owners plan to be reverential to Deadspin’s unique voice, they plan to take a different content approach regarding the site’s overall sports coverage. This unfortunately means that we will be parting ways with those impacted staff members.”

While the Post noted that this only added up to 11 staffers, what made it funnier according to Daily Mail is that they were only given 30 minutes to kick bricks, and some did not even get the memo (literally) in time and only found out secondhand since they were locked out of company laptops.

Barstool Sports’ “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy posted a video of himself floating in his pool celebrating Deadpsin’s closure, asking how many times he could pop a bottle of champagne “for the same g*****n company?”


Other posters on Twitter/X have reveled in mocking Deadspin’s demise, saying it was karma for the “blackface” incident from November.

And this one’s my personal favorite:

As you may recall, Holden Armenta was at the Chiefs-Raiders game wearing a Native American headdress and wearing black and red face paint. Deadspin’s Carron Phillips accused the kid of blackface, having only shown the black half of his face, which earned Deadspin a big fat defamation lawsuit from the Armenta family, which happens to have Native American ancestry. In fact, the kid’s granddad was actually a leader for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, as Catherine detailed in February.


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Don’t you just enjoy happy endings where the bad guys get precisely what they deserve?

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