TikTok fishing star fires back with perfect response to affront of Southern accents, claim that ‘American women are literally men’

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Hannah Barron — a social media star known for fishing and hunting — delivered what is being described as a perfect response to a former beauty pageant contestant who claimed that her Southern accent should be outlawed and that “American women are basically men.”

As Blaze News reported on Saturday, a beauty pageant contestant turned cultural commentator made disparaging remarks about the social media star known for hunting and fishing.

Political commentator Sameera Khan said of the Alabama-based social media star, “This accent needs to be illegal and women should be banned from doing manual labour like this. There is NOTHING feminine about American women. American women are literally men.”

Khan added, “Lebanese women are literally perfect. And they are actually feminine, unlike estrogen-deficient American women who hold the record for highest testosterone levels in the world.”

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Khan criticized Barron for helping to build a house with her father and boyfriend as well as for noodling — fishing with bare hands.

Khan stated on the X social media platform, “High-value American men should become passport bros. Don’t they deserve better than the filth they are limited to in their own country … ? Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?”

The former beauty pageant contestant wrote on her X account with more than 232,000 followers that the United States is under a “tomboy occupation.”

Khan claimed that any man attracted to Hannah “would be embarrassed to be seen with her in public.”

Barron gracefully responded to the criticisms on her massively popular social media accounts — where she has more than 2.1 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Barron began, “Apparently, I’m trending on Twitter right now because some girl said that my accent should be illegal, women shouldn’t do manual labor, American women are basically men, and she just said that I’m not feminine.”

“And I would tell y’all this girl’s name, but I can’t remember it because I don’t have a clue who she is,” Hannah said. “So, that should tell you how relevant this person is.”

“But I think it’s just hilarious because I grew up as the weird kid in high school, who hunted and fished too much because back then it wasn’t cool for women to hunt or fish or the whole country lifestyle,” she recalled, then added, “And I’m so proud of all the women in the outdoors now who are making that more cool or popular, so proud of us. I think we’re doing great.”

Barron noted that she has been helping her father build houses since she was 15 and taught fellow classmates how to weld when she was a senior in high school.

Hannah admitted that she doesn’t consider what she does to be “manual labor,” but she helps out as best as possible and finds it fun.

“There’s a lot of blue-collar women out there who are also feminine,” Barron continued.

She advised, “And so I just think that you should embrace your own individuality. Be yourself. And don’t worry about what anybody else said because these folks talking about me and think they’re going to offend me — that ship sailed a long time ago.”

Barron said the affronts from Khan were nothing because she’s been “picked on her whole life.”

“So, don’t be scared to build your own box, and don’t try to fit in anybody else’s,” Barron encouraged. “Be your own person, and you’ll be happier in the long run because of that, and don’t worry about what anybody else has to say.”

In less than a day, Barron’s response on Instagram garnered more than 75,000 likes.

Khan replied by saying, “Yes, make a video responding to an ‘irrelevant’ critic and then whine about being bullied in high school for completely legitimate reasons?”

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