Kamala Harris: “I Haven’t Talked to the President About That,” When Asked if Biden Will Debate President Trump (VIDEO)


Kamala Harris spoke with NBC news chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander on Friday about potential presidential debates.

“Will President Biden commit to debating Donald Trump?” Peter Alexander asked Harris.

“I haven’t talked to the President yet about that,” Harris replied.

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“On the one hand you have Joe Biden, someone who is competent, principled, who has accomplished more than many Presidents even hoped for,” Harris continued.


It is unclear what Harris was referring to regarding Biden’s “accomplishments.” Under his regime, over 11 million illegal aliens have entered the United States.

Peter Alexander also asked Harris if she would debate.

“Will you commit to do a debate?” Alexander asked Harris.

“Peter, we just got through the State of the Union and I’m just so excited about what we accomplished last night and our President,” Harris continued.


Again, Harris’s use of “accomplished” when referring to the State of the Union is a stretch. Biden’s address to the nation was a disaster.


Kamala also responded about whether or not she was ready to be President.

“Listen, as it relates to me, I’m ready if necessary, but it’s not gonna be necessary,” Harris said.


The regime just can’t admit that Biden is incompetent and that his second in line is just the same.

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