Indiana homeowner shoots alleged burglar then catches second burglar the same day after returning from police station

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An Indiana man says that he shot an alleged burglar he caught at a property he owns and then confronted a second burglar after returning from the police station that same night.

Alfred Burdine told WTHR-TV that he was leaving for work early on Tuesday when he discovered that an alleged burglar was trying to steal a generator from a property he owned on North Forest Avenue in Indianapolis.

“When I came around, I could see more of him. So, I parked right there, and I got out the car, and he was happy with the generator, walking off that way, and then, I walked up behind him, and then, I circled around him after I got his attention,” Burdine said.

He said he had his gun drawn, but the man reached his hands into his pockets as if he had a gun, so Burdine said he feared for his life and fired on him.

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“The possibility of him going violent at that time was pretty high. It’s 4:30 in the morning, nobody around. You’re bold enough to break into my garage, my house, you’re bold enough to do anything,” Burdine explained. “I shot him in the leg to make him stop, and then, I made him lay on the ground until police came.”

Burdine then went to the police station to be questioned about the incident.

When he returned to his property, he was surprised to see a second burglar allegedly trying to steal from him.

WTHR reported that the second burglar was also apprehended by police.

“I don’t know what is going on. I think we just need more patrols because there are a lot of people with drug problems, and there is no treatment for them,” Burdine said.

“Since they closed Central State, where do these people have to go?” he added. “You got people with mental problems; you got drug addicts. Where do you take these people, even if they wanted some help?”

Burdine said he had to fix the doors that were broken during the burglaries and added security doors.

One of the alleged burglars was identified as 30-year-old Alfie Steadmon and was charged with one count of level 5 felony burglary and one count of level 6 felony possession of meth.

Here’s the interview with the man:

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