‘Eastbound Strangler’: Serial killer who murdered 4 women in Atlantic City in 2006 remains faceless and in the shadows

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The murder of four women in Atlantic City and the way their bodies were arranged has left the authorities at a loss as to who may be behind the gruesome murders. In the fall of 2006, an alleged killer took the lives of four women. The individual behind the crimes came to be known as the “Eastbound Strangler,” per Fox News Digital.

During that time, four women — Barbara Breidor, Molly Dilts, Kim Raffo, and Tracy Ann Roberts — were reportedly strangled to death. The bodies were discovered along Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. However, the most peculiar part about the discovery is that the women’s bodies were discovered with their arms outstretched in the water and their heads pointed east.

It is the way their heads were facing that gave rise to the ghoulish moniker given to the alleged killer.

Despite efforts to find the individual behind the attacks, the authorities have been unable to put a face to the crimes. Several theories have swirled around over the years, but nothing substantial has manifested.

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John Kelly, a criminal profiler, whose team at STALK Inc. has opened a $25,000 reward for anyone who may be able to shed light on the case. The report noted that the team receives tips, but there is nothing the team is confident in.

Kelly told Fox News Digital, “When this first happened, there was a frenzy and panic that was taking place. You had a guy who was pretty much killing a girl a week or a girl every 10 days. It was like, ‘Wow, he got a live wire here.'”

A&E reported that at the time, a couple of women came upon 35-year-old Raffo’s remains behind the since-demolished Golden Key Motel in November 2006. After the authorities were called, they also discovered the remains of Roberts, 23, Breidor, 42, and Dilts, 19.

All the women were found in the same pit.

The report said that the women were separately dumped in a pit with a creek behind the motel, which came to be known as the “Motel from Hell.”

Each of the women was discovered fully clothed except for their feet, which the killer used to secure them to the side of the ditch to keep them from floating away. The report mentioned that the women were placed about 320 feet apart, with their arms outstretched and their heads facing east.

Kelly used this information to suggest that they were possibly looking for someone with a foot fetish or someone who killed as part of a religious ritual of some sort.

“To me, this was someone who was concerned about DNA, concerned about some ritual and concerned about possibly coming back, which most (serial killers) do to relive the situation,” Kelly added.

“It was not about somebody trying to hide the bodies, because if you really wanted to hide bodies in that area, you’ve got a lot of places you can hide them. And all the women were found with nothing covering them.”

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