Dems Are Angrier That Biden Called Laken Riley’s Killer ‘Illegal’ Than the Actual Killing

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As if you needed further proof of how little Democrats in Washington care about the border crisis, just look at how they reacted when President Biden brought up the murder of Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant during his State of the Union address.


Not only did Biden seem to flub her name by calling her “Lincoln Riley,” but he had the gall (or the lack of filter that comes with being old) to say she “was killed by an illegal.”

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And of course, this is what Democrats are upset about.

“Now he should have said undocumented, but that’s not a big thing, ok? What’s the big thing?” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked on CNN. When Dana Bash asked if he should have said “undocumented,” Pelosi replied, “Well, we usually say ‘undocumented.’ He said ‘illegal.’ I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t think it’s a big deal because I think his focus was on the sympathy for the family. It’s a terrible tragedy.”

I’m sure you meant that sincerely, Nancy.

Other Democrats proceeded to trot out the old “no human is illegal” line on Twitter/X, such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who likely committed immigration fraud herself by falsely marrying her brother to get a visa:

Reps. Delia Ramirez (D-Ill.) and Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) were “disappointed” that Biden used what is apparently “rightwing” and “dangerously close to language from Donald Trump,” respectively.


Castro’s line about targeting Latinos is especially rich for two reasons: the first is that it assumes all Latinos are here illegally, which is particularly racist when you think about it (but it’s (D)ifferent when they do it, of course). The second is that people from all over the world, not just Latin America, are flooding the border. 

China in particular is keen to take advantage of the wide-open border, as over 20,000 military-age men have come over through Canada and Mexico alike, and who knows what Xi Jinping wants them to do while they are here. The Chinese mob is collaborating with the drug cartels, acting as their moneymen, something the government is either actively assisting in or at least letting it slide because it hurts us.


The outrage over Laken Riley’s murder by an illegal immigrant would have been the same if the guy was from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, or Mars, so to try and make this a racial issue is utterly disingenuous.

Of course, accusing the right of being socially intolerant of others is the only frame of reference the left has for its arguments, so perhaps we should not be terribly surprised when leftists get angrier at their current figurehead using a “dehumanizing” word for someone who committed an inhuman act more than the inhuman act itself.

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