Dog reunited with owners 10 years after running away, Humane Society of Tampa Bay says

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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay reported reuniting a 14-year-old dog with its owners a decade after the canine ran away, a happy ending made possible thanks to a microchip.

“When 14-year-old Cockapoo showed up at HSTB as a stray we were hoping for a happy ending and for her to be reunited with her owners but we did not foresee the joy that her story brought! Her microchip led the team to Luisa who was in disbelief when we called, because Cleo (as we learned was her name), had run away TEN YEARS AGO! They never lost hope and continued to update her microchip in the small hope that they would be reunited, even after they moved to Miami! They drove up Saturday to reclaim her and we couldn’t be happier for them,” the organization noted in a Facebook post. “This shows the power and importance of the microchip and never losing hope.”

Someone left a comment on the post, wondering about the possibility that the dog could potentially have found a new home during the 10-year period.

“Although I am happy she was reunited with her og owners, I also wonder if she was with another family for those 10 years? She must miss any other family she has lived with and they must miss her. Then again they never took her to see if she had a chip. So there’s a lot of things and emotions at play. But I hope she lives out the rest of her years very happy, healthy and safe!” the person wrote.

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But the Humane Society of Tampa Bay noted, “We totally understand that and Luisa did also! She even told us after the original call that if the family who has had her in the last ten years calls to claim her, even though it would make her sad, she would let them take her! But no one else tried to claim sweet Cleo.”

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