‘This bill is a massive surrender’: Chip Roy and other conservatives blast spending package that cleared the House

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In a bipartisan, 339-85 vote, the House of Representatives voted to pass a spending package that conservative lawmakers staunchly opposed, sending the matter to the Senate.

While Republicans hold the House majority, 207 Democrats supported the package that pertains to government funding, compared to 132 Republicans. Just 83 Republicans and two Democrats voted against the package.

GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas is one of the Republicans who blasted the package.

“At the beginning of this Congress, House Republicans set out to cut spending and end the Biden administration policies destroying the American people’s way of life and prosperity. This bill is a massive surrender to the swamp’s business as usual on both fronts,” Roy said in part of a statement.

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“Budget gimmicks and earmarks are an intoxicating cocktail. After 14 months sober, Congress has fallen off the wagon. By a vote of 339 to 85, the Republican led House just passed a minibus that spends tens of billions more than Pelosi’s House spent on the same things last year,” GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky tweeted.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee of Utah responded to Massie’s tweet, writing, “Like a dog to its vomit (Proverbs 26:11), congressional Republicans have returned to earmarks. This will not end well for the GOP. We lose elections when we act like Democrats.”

GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia tweeted, “I voted NO on the first half of the Swamp’s omnibus. It ultimately passed with MORE DEMOCRAT votes than Republican votes—which, unfortunately, has been the norm for every ‘must pass’ bill in our *Republican* majority. Disappointing is an understatement—but our fight isn’t over. In the coming weeks, we’ll consider the second half of the omnibus. Will more Republicans join the fight to stop funding Joe Biden’s radical agenda? I surely hope so. Stay tuned.”

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