Prosecutors: Brother of Laken Riley’s Alleged Murderer Was Part of a Venezuelan Gang

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In the weeks after the murder of nursing student Laken Riley on the campus of the University of Georgia, we’re learning more about the suspect in her murder and his brother. Police arrested José Ibarra on murder charges in Riley’s death, and authorities also arrested his brother Diego for showing officers a fake green card.


Not only were the Ibarra brothers in the country illegally (or possibly in Georgia on a Biden administration asylum rule), but court documents reveal that Diego Ibarra may also be part of a Venezuelan prison gang. Prosecutors allege that he’s a member of the Tren de Arugua gang.

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WSB Radio reports:

Gang members typically have distinctive tattoos including weapons, stars, clocks, trains, five-pointed crowns, and dollar signs.

Photos taken of Diego Ibarra on Feb. 23 show that he has tattoos of a five-pointed crown, five-pointed stars and a teardrop under his eye, which is also known to be gang-affiliated.

Members of Tren de Arugua also have distinctive hand gestures and wear Chicago Bulls gear, both of which Diego Ibarra displayed on social media before the murder. He also brandished guns, which he was not allowed to possess as a non-citizen.

The neck tattoo that is visible in his mugshot, which is the featured image at the top of this article, is a common Tren de Arugua tattoo. He also has a five-pointed crown tattooed on the other side of his neck, which is a mark of the gang as well.

In the court documents, prosecutors requested that police keep Diego Ibarra detained because of his flight risk. It’s unclear whether José Ibarra is also a member of the gang.

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Recent court documents also detail the process whereby authorities arrested both Ibarra brothers. WSB reports that “after Riley’s death, officers circulated photos of a man in a distinctive baseball cap they considered a suspect. The cap had an Adidas logo on it.”

The next day, police spotted Diego Ibarra wearing the same Adidas hat, and officers arrested him when he produced the fake green card. Diego’s arrest led police to arrest José and charge him with murdering Riley.

Diego Ibarra also had two DUI arrests and a shoplifting incident in which he and José Ibarra received citations for taking items from a Walmart in Athens, Ga. Authorities released both brothers each time.

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The media refuse to report truthfully on the crisis as well, especially when it comes to Riley’s murder. The Associated Press worries about women running alone (a valid concern that’s beside the point), while CNN and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution want readers to believe that Latino UGA students are under attack from MAGA extremists (isolated incidents blown way out of proportion).


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