Squatters take over multimillion-dollar mansion in Hollywood Hills and rent it out to OnlyFans model, realtors say

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A realtor couple who listed a luxury house in Hollywood Hills said that squatters took it over and rented it out to an OnlyFans model and others.

Realtor Emily Randall Smith told KTLA-TV they had gone away over the holidays for two weeks and when they returned, the squatters had struck the 9,000 square foot mansion. The home was vacant because it was up for sale.

“We came to the house to open it and the lockbox was cut off, which was very weird, we didn’t have any access to the house. He peeked in one of the windows and there was a guy laying on the bed,” said Smith.

The realtors called the police, but the people inside didn’t react to their demands.

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“They stormed the property from the outside and megaphoned, ‘You need to come out of the house,’ the guys didn’t respond,” she added.

The realtors said they didn’t want to break down the doors, so they had the police come back later, and that’s when they met a renter who said she was an OnlyFans model. She said she had paid $2,000 to rent it for a month and record her content there.

Smith says they believe the squatters made up a fake lease and had people sign them in order to appear official. About four to five people were living in the home.

Police were able to force the false renters out of the home, but Smith says they caused a lot of damage from partying.

“The house was trashed. There was dog poop and pee all over the house,” said Smith. “Weed smells, alcohol, all that stuff. They were partying.”

She says that neighbors told them the people had been partying at the home.

In a similar story from August, squatters took over a different mansion in Hollywood Hills that was worth over $10 million. They trashed that home and spray-painted the walls before police forced them out.

Smith said that others could deter squatters by putting up “No Trespassing” signs in order to aid law enforcement and also by getting to know their neighbors so that they can be notified of any odd incidents.

The average home in Hollywood Hills sells for more than $2 million, according to Zillow.

Here’s more about the housing feud:

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