Biden’s cognitive decline is now painfully obvious to the world, yet Dems continue to deny it

Biden’s cognitive decline is now painfully obvious to the world, yet Dems continue to deny it

Anyone who still tries to deny that President Joe Biden is experiencing severe mental decline is likely suffering from cognitive difficulties of their own as it has become abundantly clear that the man is no longer operating at a level befitting the leader of the free world.

As Daily Mail’s “Kennedy” notes, “Undeniable evidence of Joe Biden’s startling mental decline is accumulating faster than naked selfies in Hunter’s laptop.”

The columnist is referring to the recent Special Counsel report on the investigation into how Biden mishandled classified documents. It concluded that charges would be in order but he could easily convince a jury he was mentally incapacitated. As the report said, a jury would consider him “a well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” It also said his memory “appeared to have significant limitations.”

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The list of things Biden couldn’t recall during his interviews with investigators won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following him over the last few years. He couldn’t remember when he was vice president, despite this being a monumental event in his life, nor could he remember when his son Beau died or the details about a debate over his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

As Kennedy puts it, “It’s official. American’s top law enforcement department thinks Biden’s brains have turned to mashed potatoes. And America agrees.”

86% of Americans think Biden is too old for another term

Although his supporters might appear to be downplaying his deteriorating mental acuity, a poll conducted in the days following the release of the report revealed that an incredible 86% of Americans believe that Biden is already too old to serve another term. This marks a notable rise over the 74% who said the same in a similar poll in September.

As worrying as the prospect of another four years under Biden’s leadership may be, an even more disturbing thought to many is that of Kamala Harris having to take over at some point during his term. However, the recent discussion about Biden’s mental state has made this seem like more of a reality than ever before, and Harris herself told the Wall Street Journal: “I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that.” She also felt the need to claim that everyone who has seen her work “walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead.”

Democrats have been increasingly admitting among themselves that they are concerned about Biden’s mental state and his ability to win reelection, and the fact that his handlers wouldn’t let him participate in the traditional Super Bowl Sunday interview is being interpreted as a sign they have very little confidence left in him.

After all, he has had gaffe after gaffe lately, claiming to have recently spoken to world leaders who have been dead for decades, forgetting the name of Hamas, and calling Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the “president of Mexico.” As Kennedy asks, “Who is running this Weekend At Bernie’s White House?”

Why won’t Biden undergo a cognitive test?

After being pressed by reporters, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted that Biden will not be undergoing a cognitive test during his upcoming physical exam.

Of course, they already know exactly how it would turn out. If he really was as lucid as they claim, they would be eager to take this test and release the results to set the record straight. Why isn’t this sort of test required in annual health checks for individuals who hold such a powerful position on the world stage?

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