‘Were you ever worried?’ Glenn Beck asks Tucker Carlson about interviewing Russia’s Vladimir Putin

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Tucker Carlson told BlazeTV host Glenn Beck that he did not feel intimidated while interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While conducting the interview with Putin earlier this month, Carlson brought up Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, a U.S. citizen who has been imprisoned in Russia since last year, asking Putin point-blank if he would “be willing to release him to us and we’ll bring him back” to America. And even after posing that question, Carlson pressed forward on the topic of Gershkovich.

Beck asked Carlson, “Did it ever cross your mind that, ‘I’m not in my home country. I’m saying this to a very powerful man who does do what he wants’? Were you ever worried?”

“No,” Carlson answered. “I wasn’t worried for a single second I was there. I wasn’t worried going over there, not because I trust the Russian government, I don’t, but because my kids are grown, and like, I don’t really care at this point,” Carlson explained. “I feel protected. I say my prayers,” he noted.

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“I wasn’t intimidated at all. I was annoyed a couple of times,” he said, noting that he thought Putin was “interesting.” He also said the Russian figure was “hostile” at times.

Carlson said that he learned that Putin is “very wounded by what he sees as the rejection of the West,” and that he thinks that rejection makes Putin “angry.”

“Russia moved into Eastern Ukraine because the Biden administration pushed them to,” Carlson told Beck. “There’s a war in Ukraine because the Biden administration wanted a war in Ukraine,” he said.

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