Cops protect Jewish professor as students hysterically underscore ‘Zionists are not welcome’ at San Jose State University

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Dr. Jeffrey Blutinger, a professor of Jewish studies and history, was invited to San Jose State University to give a talk Monday about “finding a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

The prospect of a Jewish academic speaking freely about bringing an end to the war initiated by Hamas terrorists was evidently too much for anti-Israeli students on campus. Calling for “intifada,” the radicals successfully shut down the talk, prompting police to escort the professor to safety.

reported that Blutinger, who teaches at California State University, Long Beach, intended to give a lecture titled, “Constructing a Just Solution: Where Israelis and Palestinians Go From Here.” The talk was reportedly sponsored by a grant from Jewish Silicon Valley and hosted by the SJSU Jewish Studies Program.

Had the lecture not ultimately been censored by the hateful mob, Blutinger planned to discuss both “the road to the present situation” as well as “possible paths forward.”

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Demonstrators reportedly blocked entrances and stressed that “Zionists are not welcome” at the
taxpayer-funded university.

A memo from the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise obtained by the College Fix indicated that the event was initially “moved to a different location, but within 20 minutes of the lecture starting, the protests grew too large [and Blutinger] had to stop speaking and leave via police escort for safety concerns.”

The Jewish Community Relations Council Bay Area
indicated on X that the “intimidation tactics employed against a Jewish speaker are deeply troubling.”

Footage of the protest shows demonstrators wearing Palestinian scarfs clashing with police and screaming as the professor was whisked away. Other demonstrators, similarly hiding their faces, can be seen chanting “intifada” — an Arabic term frequently used to denote “getting rid of” Israel — while holding signs that said, “Ceasefire now,” “Free Palestine,” and “No justice, no peace.”

Blutinger suggested it was unfortunate the radicals deprived students of an opportunity to learn,
reported the Spartan Daily, a campus paper. The professor further stressed that the mob’s successful censorship efforts amounted both to bigotry and an affront to academic freedom.

“They don’t want Jews to speak,” said Blutinger. “I think it’s anti-Semitism.”

“[Blutinger] tried to justify peace moving forward,” Suhila Bennett, a radical amongst the protesters, told the Spartan Daily. “We want liberation, not to shake hands with our occupiers (or) to live neighboring with our colonizers.”

The Palestine, Arab and Muslim Caucus of the California Faculty Association joined other extremists in denouncing Blutinger this week, calling him a “genocide-denier” in an
Instagram post with the hash-tags “#fromtherivertothesea” and “freepalestine.”

SJSU officials indicated no one was injured and no arrests were made, reported KRON.

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