RFK Jr. Condemns Biden Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

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The Biden regime, apparently eager to start a regional and possibly global war starting with Iran, has been busy recently bombing targets

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Here’s what the independent presidential candidate RFK Jr. had to say on the matter via Twitter/X (emphasis added):

This escalation would not have been necessary if we hadn’t put our brave young service people in the crosshairs of these Shi’a militias — militias that exist only as a legacy of our illegal war in Iraq.

Both Iraq and Syria have asked the U.S. to leave their territory. The Iraqi Parliament voted unanimously for U.S. troops to leave in 2020, and were only allowed to stay because Trump threatened sanctions and to confiscate Iraq’s own oil and tax revenue held at the NY Fed. Biden has maintained this policy of occupation by economic blackmail.

In the same way that the U.S. would not tolerate Russian forces in Cuba and Russia would not tolerate NATO forces in Ukraine, Iran does not tolerate U.S. forces on its border.

We must get unwelcome ground troops out of the Mideast, and maintain only long-standing bases welcomed by their national hosts. We must focus instead on bolstering our Sunni allies in the region, committing to enforcement of shipping lanes (an extension of Fortress America), and fostering diplomatic summits where grievances can be aired, trust can be built, and piecemeal solutions can be negotiated by those nations who have a right and reason to be on the ground out there.

We are risking our young people’s lives and spending money we do not have. These tiny outposts have no ability to stop Iran attacking our allies or getting the bomb. All they do is open the U.S. up to mandatory escalations each time an American hero gets killed.

But perhaps that is the point.


“Perhaps that is the point,” indeed.

This is how escalation works: a handful of American service members, like sitting ducks, await to be struck in remote, unprotected bases scattered nonsensically across the Middle East in hostile countries that don’t want them there.

Militias backed by regional powers strike them.

The U.S. strikes back.

Iran, at some point, starts bombing U.S. forces directly.

Israel then attacks Hezbollah in a pre-emptive strike, or vice-versa.

China and/or Russia jump in on Iran’s side or simply, taking advantage of the cover, escalate in their own backyards (in Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively). India and Pakistan perhaps erupt in war over Kashmir.

And now we have World War III, this time with nuclear weapons, fought by a woke American military more concerned with injecting potentially crippling experimental drugs into its soldiers or else kicking the ones who won’t out and gender equity than military potency.


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