Whitlock: Taylor Swift didn’t ruin your Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson did

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If you believe that Taylor Swift’s injection into the current NFL season has been a month-long psyop to inflate the pop star’s profile and influence in order to sway the 2024 election — at least be mad at the right people.

“Focus your angst at the race pundits,” Jason Whitlock says, adding that “they baited the Ravens into one of the biggest choke jobs we’ve seen in recent sports history.”

“Jackson and the Ravens fell for a race hoax,” Whitlock continues, explaining that this is what has catapulted the Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift to the Super Bowl.

However, it’s not the Chiefs’ first time heading to the Super Bowl. It’s the fourth time in the last six years.

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“If anything, it appeared the NFL wanted Lamar Jackson to advance to his first Super Bowl,” Whitlock continues.

“Ever since draft day 2018, Jackson has been the lead actor in the league’s diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative.”

Whitlock believes that Jackson was the NFL’s chance to have “the first authentic black quarterback to win a Super Bowl.”

“Unable to be provocative, interesting, insightful, or useful on any topic beyond shouts of ‘white supremacy,’ black media elites have used Lamar and black assistant coaches as fodder and ammunition to justify their own existence in the media,” he says.

“Lamar Jackson is just the latest victim of this pattern,” Whitlock adds. “Taylor Swift, a feminist liberal influencer, benefited from the Ravens’ meltdown. No surprise.”

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