WATCH: Georgia Lawmaker Captures Video of Illegal Aliens Tucked Away in Hidden Room Under Military Protection at Atlanta Airport


The Daily Caller obtained an exclusive video of illegal aliens being held in a secret room at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Republican Georgia State Senator Colton Moore on Tuesday captured video of illegal aliens tucked away hidden under military guard at the Atlanta airport. The Georgia lawmaker learned about the hidden illegals from a whistleblower who works at the airport.

The anonymous whistleblower noticed an increase in illegals coming through the airport.

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Daily Caller reported:

A video exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation appears to show a U.S. service member guarding a room chock-full of illegal immigrants at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport.

Republican state Sen. Colton Moore, who is the vice chairman of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, took the video Tuesday night and told the DCNF that he learned of the hidden room full of migrants through a “whistleblower” at Atlanta’s airport, who noticed an influx of illegal migrants coming through the facility in recent months. In the video, there appears to be a uniformed soldier guarding a room full of migrants and volunteers with a group called Team Libertad, which boasts of helping migrants travel on its social media accounts.

“We’re all getting them flights to where they need to be,” a man who identified himself as a volunteer from Team Libertad says in the video. “These are just recently documented travelers getting released from ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] getting to where they need to be.”

The video shows a room that looks like it is guarded by a uniformed soldier. There is also a volunteer from a group called Libertad which is an NGO that helps illegal aliens.

When State Senator Colton Moore attempted to get in to take closer video, he was stopped and prevented from documenting further footage.

“Actually you cannot get a video. No, no, you are not allowed.” That was the response from those preventing him from getting more video.

Exclusive footage from Jennie Taer from the Daily Caller.


Airports across the country have seen illegals flying to various cities across the US. Tucson is one example of this as reported by TGP in November of 2023.

An estimated 11 million illegals have poured into the US in the last three years.

The Biden regime has failed to uphold the Constitution. The Federal Government is responsible for protecting our nation from foreign invasion in Article IV, Section 4 Of the US Constitution and has failed to do so.

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