Tucker Carlson on Taylor Swift’s involvement in the 2024 election

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is currently one of the most wildly successful and influential people on the planet. This was true even before she and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sparked a romance. However, their relationship has carved a path for the popstar to wield her influence over NFL fans, a community she otherwise might not have reached.

Granted that Swift is an outspoken liberal who endorsed Biden in 2020 and Kelce has been involved in Pfizer and Bud Light marketing campaigns, many have been skeptical of their relationship from the get-go.

One of those people is Tucker Carlson. A couple months ago, Tucker joined Alex Stein on “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” and one subject discussed was Taylor Swift’s potential involvement in the political sphere.

“Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce getting married, or is this just a publicity stunt?” producer Jimmy von Thron asked Tucker.

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“I don’t know anything about Taylor Swift,” said Tucker, “but I remember Kanye, who was then Kanye West, once attacked her in a very emotional way at an award’s ceremony, and I remember thinking at the time I saw the clip … that it was a racial thing.”

“But if you listen to the clip, he’s actually making a different point, and he was saying, ‘This isn’t real; this isn’t art … This person is being used by larger forces to control our society,’” he recounted.

Without divulging his personal opinions regarding West, Tucker admitted that the artist “does have flashes of insight about things.”

“He’s not a surface-level character at all, and I think there’s some truth in that. … If you’re a performer who’s that culturally significant, who’s the single-most popular person in America among women under 30 … you have a great deal of power, and so, of course, you’re going to be managed by people who want to use your influence for their ends,” Tucker explained.

To hear the full conversation, watch the video below.

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