Elites label Joe Rogan ‘far right’ to censor free thinkers

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The left will do anything to redefine terms like “extreme,” “misinformation,” and “far right” to include anyone who disagrees with the left.

Even more moderate voices like Douglas Murray and Joe Rogan are now being forced into these categories — and the left is concerned about silencing them.

“There’s no way anyone on earth is going to suppress or silence me,” Murray tells Glenn Beck, “but I do think it’s extraordinary the confidence that certain people have that they can suppress those of us who say things which I think are not only popular, but true.”

One of the suggested ideas for silencing dissenting voices is going after banks and the platforms they use.

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“There’s going to come a time where they are going to build a digital ghetto,” Glenn tells Murray, who agrees.

“There’s very particular moves that they’re doing to make that,” Murray says. “One is this use of the term ‘far right,’ which alarms me enormously.”

This alarms him because “they’re trying to make public opinion be deemed ‘far right.’”

“Most people in the United States and the United Kingdom are deeply concerned about illegal migration, but once you say ‘concern about illegal migration is far right,’ therefore, the majority of the public are called ‘far right,’” Murray warns.

To hear the full conversation, check out the clip below.

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