ABC News Host Calls Out Gavin Newsom After His Absurd Claim About Biden Presidency

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Sometimes, a radical left-winger speaks a line of such utter absurdity that not even a fellow liberal in the mainstream media can let it slide. You know it’s especially bad when someone utters a statement so ridiculous and out of touch with reality that even professional liars can’t stomach it. And that’s what happened during a recent interview between ABC News host Jonathan Karl and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif).


Newsom said on Sunday that President Joe Biden had “the best three-year record of any modern American presidency.” I don’t need to see any more. I recommend that Newsom be committed to the closest mental health facility because one has to be in the throes of a psychotic break to truly be convinced that Biden has done anything good since moving into the White House. Guess we should lock him up and throw away the key. 

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Newsom stated that he was trying to “lift up the issues, the successes — the extraordinary successes of the last three years, the Biden-Harris administration, and then we drive contrast.”

“It’s not even a complicated campaign. We have the receipts,” he told Karl. “We have the best three-year record of any modern American presidency, period, full stop. And you look at the issue, issue by issue, they poll overwhelmingly, the American people support what Biden has done.”

“Except for the big thing, approval,” Karl replied. “Biden’s approval is historically low. Why is that?”

Newsom ripped a page out of Mike Tyson’s playbook and started slipping and rolling under the question, saying that it’s “been hard globally, the last six, seven years.” That sounds strangely like a non-answer. 


“The economic strategy as this president’s put together, were all things Republicans dreamt of but never delivered,” he continued. “He’s delivered.”

He’s delivered on the economy? Delivered us into the hands of poverty, maybe. Our national debt has hit record highs. Inflation has risen to the point that selling a kidney on the black market to pay for basic necessities has crossed some minds. I fail to see how any of this is a good thing. Newsom is delusional.

Later, Karl asked Newsom about the border crisis that is raging on under Biden’s leadership and what he believes should happen to the millions of individuals who crossed the border illegally since he took office. And once again, Newsom tap-danced around the topic like Danny Kaye in “White Christmas.”

“Well, I think you have to deal with the cards that are dealt. You’ve got to deal with the reality on the ground. And you have to have a comprehensive conversation around this, across the spectrum, the push and the pull,” he responded. “And that’s around the fundamental issue, immigration reform. It’s not just border security. The president put out a comprehensive strategy, a pathway to citizenship along with lines of their former hero, Ronald Reagan, to address the reality on the ground.”


“That’s what the president of the United States has put up in front of Congress,” he told Karl. “And they refuse to act. They’re just promoting an agenda to disrupt and find a crowbar to put in the spokes of the wheels of the Biden administration to disrupt any progress on this because they don’t want progress, period.”

It’s obvious that Newsom is shilling for the Democratic Party and backing the incumbent at all costs because he’s either got his eyes on the nomination if Biden should bow out or he’s planning to run in 2028. He may really believe the nonsense coming out of his mouth, in which case he’s delusional at best and crazy at worst.

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