Joe Biden cuts off LNG exports in latest act of economic sabotage against Texas and Western European countries 0 Comments

Joe Biden cuts off LNG exports in latest act of economic sabotage against Texas and Western European countries This is a truly incredible development. Joe Biden has just halted all new LNG exports from the United States (, and this comes after the US Navy destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines feeding energy to Europe. In addition, Qatar has just announced a halting of LNG exports due to the risk of ships being damaged in the conflict between the Yemen rebels and the US Navy in the Red Sea. As a result, Europe has lost THREE sources of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), while at the same time Europe has largely destroyed or mothballed its own energy infrastructure in order to appease whiny Greta Thunderpants and her crybullying over climate cultism nonsense. With no energy imports and very little in the way of domestic production of energy, Western Europe is headed into a total economic collapse (which has already begun). The USA is clearly at war with Western Europe and Biden’s latest move is essentially the latest chapter of an energy embargo against European countries, all of whom still bizarrely consider the USA to be an “ally.” The real ally that can help Western Europe is Russia, but the USA continues to drive a wedge between Germany and Russia in order to try to make Western Europe dependent on USA LNG exports… and then Biden cuts those off too!

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This is a truly insane series of economic terrorism / sabotage events being carried by the United States against Western Europe, in order to destroy Europe’s industry and economy and try to make the USA more powerful by comparison. Europeans should be outraged, but they are too obedient and indoctrinated by the climate cultists to lift a finger as their own countries are gutted, overrun and energy starved into oblivion. At least Texas stands up for itself and says “No!” But Europe’s national leaders stand for nothing except self-immolation. Western Europe is headed for collapse. Get my full analysis in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News here:

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