SAVAGE: Tucker Carlson Tells Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau to “Go Back to Cuba” (VIDEO)

Screenshot: @Greenies1st/X In what could be dubbed the roast of the year, Tucker Carlson has once again trolled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – this time insinuating he might be the illegitimate son of the former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. It can be recalled that Carlson recorded himself making a phone call to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s media line, announcing his intentions to “liberate” Canada. He made the call ahead of his scheduled visit to Calgary, Alberta.

The video shows Carlson leaving a voice message, saying, “Yes, hi, I couldn’t understand the French part, but it’s Tucker Carlson calling from the United States, and I’d be grateful if you pass a message on to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We are coming to Liberate Canada. We are coming to liberate Canada, and we’ll be there soon. Merci.”
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Buy Alprazolam In Uk On Wednesday, Carlson did not hold back in his latest jab at the Canadian leader. During his speech, Carlson delivered a striking line that provoked a strong reaction from the audience. “He will collapse under the weight of his own ludicrousness and return to Cuba…” he quipped. This statement elicited a wave of laughter from those present. Carlson followed up with a remark, “I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s just too great to check.” “If I ever meet him, I’m going to demand a 23andMe, like, right away,” Carlson continued, drawing on the popular DNA testing service to emphasize his point.

WATCH: The insinuation that Trudeau has a connection to Cuba is presumably a reference to the historical relationship between the Trudeau family and former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who turned Cuba into a one-party, socialist state under Communist Party rule.

According to “rumors,” Trudeau might be the illegitimate son of the former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, based on perceived physical resemblance and the historical fact that Trudeau’s parents, Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, had a friendly relationship with Castro.

Cheap Xanax In Mexico Carlson didn’t stop there. In another video, he doubled down on his Trudeau trolling, stating, “Your creepy Prime Minister can put on the costumes of other cultures, but he doesn’t understand them.”

This savage burn refers to Trudeau’s infamous costume when he dressed as Aladdin in 2001 at an “Arabian Nights-themed” party.
Source: The Time

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