BREAKING: Biden Wins New Hampshire Primary—Sort Of 0 Comments
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DecisionDesk HQ projects that Joe Biden will win the New Hampshire primary with 36% of the vote counted. Democrats had been a little uneasy about the results because Biden technically didn’t compete in the state. However, local Democrats launched a statewide write-in campaign to ensure he didn’t lose to his main primary challenger, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips. While the write-in campaign appears to have succeeded in preventing Biden from losing, Phillips still managed to get an impressive share of the vote—nearly 25% went to Phillips. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a relatively unknown congressman against an incumbent president. Phillips’ share of the vote in this primary is essentially unprecedented. In 2020, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld appeared on the GOP primary ballot in New Hampshire, but only garnered 9% of the vote. (Note: Votes labeled “write in” are still being allocated by county clerks and are expected to be primarily for Biden. This number will be updated throughout the night.)
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Anyone Order Xanax Online CNN projected Biden as the victor shortly after 8 p.m. ET, not once mentioning the impressive showing by Phillips—who previously said that getting to 20% would be “literally unexpected and quite extraordinary.”

“The fact that Joe Biden’s not on the ballot, well, you know what? People know he’s the president, they know it’s a primary, they’re working their tails off to get a write-in campaign,” he told Chris Cuomo on Monday during an interview on NewsNation. “I’m telling you, he’s gonna be the very weak candidate, now not just on polls, which we all know, now voters are going to demonstrate the same thing.” The Democratic National Committee directed candidates not to participate in the primary, and New Hampshire has been barred from awarding any delegates for the nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

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Despite Phillips exceeding expectations in the New Hampshire primary, the Biden campaign is likely to spin this victory as a sign of his strength and get Democrats who aren’t very enthused by his campaign to rally behind him.

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