Newborn baby discovered in shopping bag, law enforcement says

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Over in the U.K., Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Simon Crick said that someone who had been walking their dog on Thursday night alerted authorities after finding an infant in a shopping bag.

Buy Diazepam Next Day Review Temperatures in London on Thursday night were reportedly quite cold. Crick said the individual who found the child kept the infant warm until paramedics arrived. He said the baby was uninjured and was being cared for by hospital staff. He noted that the temporary name Elsa had been bestowed upon the child.

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You Might Like Crick said it is thought that the baby is either black or mixed race.

Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap While he said it is thought that the child was under an hour old when she was discovered, it is not known how long the baby had been there when discovered.

“We are extremely concerned for her welfare,” he said regarding the child’s mother, noting that she would require “immediate medical attention following the birth.” He urged the child’s mother to seek help, suggesting that she could call or head to a police station or hospital.

Buy Diazepam Online India “If you are the baby’s mother, please know that your daughter is well,” Crick said.

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