Introducing the most racist movie of 2024


News & Politics Hollywood has been caught up in the downward spiral of wokeness for some time now, and it looks like 2024 will be no different. In fact, it may even get worse this year.

Lauren Chen claims she was just introduced to what is undoubtedly “the most racist movie [she’s] ever seen.”

It’s called “The American Society of Magical Negros,” which revolves around an organization the entire job of which “is to, through magic, keep white people happy and comfortable because apparently it makes the world safer for black people,” she groans.

The trailer alone will shock you. Here’s just one line from it:
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“Shark?” “White people when they feel uncomfortable.” “Could you imagine if the races were reversed here? If there was a film that was actually saying, ‘What is the most dangerous animal on the planet?’ and the answer was black people? Like, in no universe would that be okay,” says Lauren, pointing out the glaring double standard.

Order Free Xanax Online “In 2024, I’m just done with this narrative. I’m done with the idea that black people are just victims. And I’m definitely done with the idea that white people are just evil and it’s okay to hate on them.” And according to YouTube ratings for the trailer, apparently, a lot of people agree.

At the time Lauren filmed this review, the trailer had “6,700 up-votes on YouTube and a whopping 98,000 down-votes.” Further, on X, the discourse surrounding the trailer was “brutally ratioed by both white and black people.” “Clearly, the people behind this film were trying so hard to pander to a black audience with all this hating on white people and lifting up black actors and, presumably, also a black filmmaker, but if you look on black Twitter … they’re not happy.”

To hear more of Lauren’s analysis and see what people are saying about “The American Society of Magical Negros,” watch the video below.

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