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Dylan Mulvaney, the notorious man-child who pretends to be a girl, gave a guest lecture at Penn State last week–and it was a bigger bust than “The Marvels” because the auditorium it took place in was at least half empty. And tickets for the event were free!
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Buy Alprazolam In Uk According to a report from the Daily Mail, Mulvaney discussed his “struggles and dreams to a small crowd of Penn State students Friday evening, emphasizing her [sic] passion for theater and her upcoming one-woman [sic] show.” For our VIPs: The Truth About Gender Dysphoria According to the invitation for the event, students were required to RSVP for the event would be put on a waitlist if tickets were sold out. “‘Students should remain on this Waitlist in the chance that they are bumped to the  RSVP list,” the invitation explained. “If a student is still on the Waitlist at the time of the event, they will be directed to the standby line and will not be guaranteed entry to the event. Once all present ticketed attendees are granted entry, individuals in the standby line will be let in as capacity allows.” It is clear that whoever had the bright idea of inviting and paying Mulvaney to speak grossly overestimated how much interest there would be in hearing him blather about clothes and pretending to be a girl. From the Daily Mail:

The event, funded by student fees, faced low attendance, documented by footage shared by the Young America’s Foundation, revealing rows of empty seats at the auditorium where the 26-year-old was set to take the stage. 

How To Order Diazepam From Uk Mulvaney, sporting a Penn State jacket, led a Penn State chant and shared that despite her [sic] challenging transition, and controversy with her [sic] Bud Light promotion, she is now able to focus on her career. ‘It was the hardest year of my life,’ she [sic] said, as reported by the Penn State campus newspaper, Onward State. ‘My next musical theater dream is to do a production with a lot of trans people on stage.’ Mulvaney emphasized the importance of ‘gender identity’ and the right to be treated with respect. The actress [sic] highlighted challenges faced by trans individuals in musical theater and expressed a desire to make a place for black trans voices. ‘You’re entitled to be treated with respect,’ Mulvaney said. ’I never thought of myself as an activist, and then I got invited to the White House to interview the president,’ she laughed.

No wonder why it was so poorly attended. Tickets may have been free, but you couldn’t pay me to sit through that. Lots of other people felt the same way. Look at this photo of the event.

Amongst other fascinating topics that apparently justified Mulvaney getting what is likely a hefty speaking fee was his choice in fashion.

“If you have that favorite outfit and you’re too afraid to wear it to campus, just put it on in your room,” he said. You know, college lectures just really aren’t what they used to be.

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