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The U.S. is currently being flooded with an unending horde of unvetted illegal aliens, including an unknown number of criminals. Unfortunately, that migrant crisis is not unique to this country or this hemisphere.

Center for Immigration Studies Fellow Todd Bensman is exposing the global migrant crisis, including the number of Muslim men flooding into Western countries. Sadly, woke governments, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations (UN) are encouraging this invasion.

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Buy Cheap Diazepam From India On Dec. 3, Bensman posted a video of what looked like a large migrant camp — supported and funded by the UN and EU — housing migrants from Muslim-majority nations near the town of Bihać in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The camp, filmed at night, was blazing with lights. “The UN illegal immigration material support way station known as ‘Kamp Lipa’ 30 kilometers south of Bihać Bosnia filled with Afghans, Syrians, Moroccans, Algerians, and Turks all resting and resupplying before departure through woods to enter the EU’s Croatia – Balkan Route.” After a fire destroyed the original camp, Lipa was rebuilt with the EU alone contributing 1.7 million euros.

Buy Alprazolam Mexico As a reminder of why UN-run entities are so catastrophic, UNRWA works in and runs camps for Palestinians filled with jihadis (see below about Askar camp) and educational programs and schools for Palestinians where children are taught to be “martyrs” — i.e., terrorist jihadis — to aim for Jews “all [to] die” and be “executed,” and to refuse peace with Israel. In Gaza and Israel, the UN is literally training future Muslim terrorists; in Bosnia and elsewhere (including the Americas), the UN is helping potential Muslim terrorists enter illegally and claim freebies. Now there’s food for thought.

Indeed, Bensman posted a clip of an Afghan man on his way to England who said of the vicious terrorist organization running his home country, “Taliban good.” He elaborated, “Good people [are] Muslim. I am Muslim.” Of course, one might well ask why the man is illegally immigrating to England if Afghanistan under the Taliban is such a glorious paradise — unless the migrant is planning to export the Taliban’s terrorism to England. Here in America, we know that terrorist cells are operating in the country, and we’ve seen a huge spike in terrorists and potential terrorists trying to enter the U.S. illegally under Biden. And, as Bensman noted, there are lots of Afghans pouring into the U.S. How many agree with the man in the video below? Meanwhile, on Dec. 2, Bensman tweeted, “With just a few Euros, this group of Moroccans and Algerians at a UN camp in north western Bosnia are off to hike through a Croatian crackdown and join the hundreds of thousands of fellow countrymen flooding into the EU, which is considering Trumpian tough measures.” The migrants in the video — all young men — seemed cheerfully scornful at the suggestion that law enforcement would impede their progress at all. Sadly, they’re likely right unless policies do change. Alprazolam To Buy Online RelatedFeds Warn of Hamas, Hezbollah Terrorists Potentially Crossing Southern Border

Bensman also called out the collapse of border security in Slovenia: Sadly, the woke globalists are trying to destroy the Western world as we know it and rebuild it into a one-world dystopia with no national identity or borders.

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