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We’re at the time in December when everybody suddenly realizes Christmas isn’t nearly as far away as they thought. For those who’ve graduated to Santa’s Helper status, this can be a bit panic-inducing. Fortunately, BlazeTV’s own Allie Beth Stuckey is here with the assist. Check out her picks for the whole family — all with special discounts for Blaze subscribers. [Note: The following companies are official sponsors of “Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey”].

A’del Natural Cosmetics I recommend the A’del Christmas Collection. The collection consists of six products all packaged in limited-edition packaging and seasonal scents of gingerbread, chocolate, orange, vanilla, and more and will make great gifts. A’del Natural Cosmetics is a family-run, holistic, handcrafted and toxin-free cosmetic company. All of A’del’s products are made in the USA with ingredients from God’s medicine cabinet. Visit and enter the promo code ALLIE for savings.

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Birch Gold Group When the national debt is greater than our total GDP, you know it is time to diversify away from the U.S. dollar. And Birch Gold makes it very convenient to move dollars into physical gold. Gold makes a great, timeless gift. In the original nativity story, the three wise men bring frankincense, myrrh, and gifts of gold to baby Jesus, symbolizing his kingship that “shall not be destroyed.” Just text ALLIE to 989898 to receive a free info kit on gold.

Birch Gold Group
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Carly Jean Los Angeles

Buy Strong Valium I encourage you to shop your values this holiday season. With Carly Jean Los Angeles, you can support a brand that you can stand behind that is like-minded and owned by believers like us and get amazing quality, as well as comfortable, versatile clothes that make you feel beautiful in every season of life. And if you are wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas, you can never go wrong with giving CJLA. Visit; promo code: RELATABLE25 (for $25 off orders over $125) or RELATABLE50 (for $50 off orders over $200).

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Cozy Earth Elevate your cozy moments with the Cuddle Blanket from Cozy Earth. The Cuddle Blanket is a beautiful faux-fur, ultra-plush pile blanket that literally wraps you in a soft, warm cocoon of pure luxury. I love it! Just wrap the Cuddle Blanket around you, and stress just melts away.Visit; promo code: RELATABLE for big savings on the Cuddle Blanket and other fabulous gift ideas from Cozy Earth.

Cozy Earth

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Good Ranchers

If you know a meat lover this Christmas, then you know someone who needs Good Ranchers. The company is the #1 American meat delivery and your best place for delicious gifts this holiday season. Choose from steakhouse-quality beef, pork, chicken, and seafood that’s sure to impress this time of year (I personally cannot get enough of Good Ranchers’ chicken). Do a one-time order, or set up a subscription to get amazing cuts delivered every month. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Go to and use my code ALLIE to save on your gifts of America’s best meat today.

Good Ranchers

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Holy Pals With Holy Pals you can wrap your children in the word of God with Bible Story PJs. Have fun with story time before bed, and use the pictures on the pajamas to tell the story or even have your child do it. Holy Pals’ Christmas pajamas are so soft and beautiful, teaching the true reason for the season. They have sizes for the whole family to match, as well as bedsheets and blankets. They are really high-quality and sell out quickly. These make wonderful holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Visit and use the promo code ALLIE for savings.

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Holy Pals

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Naturally It’s Clean

Order Xanax Online Usa Keep your house clean this holiday season and every season with Naturally It’s Clean. A Naturally It’s Clean Essential Starter Kit also makes a great gift, and you will be supporting a company that supports you and your conservative values. You can give your friends and family a safer enzyme-based clean this holiday season with a Household Cleaning kit. Check them out today by visiting where you will save 15%. Naturally It’s Clean

Range Leather Products As Christmas approaches, I want you to know that handmade leather goods make amazing gifts. My friends at Range Leather Products offer an incredible line of products including wallets, bags, jewelry, and leather patch hats. Their quality is absolutely top-notch, and they are handcrafted to last. These are timeless pieces crafted using age-old techniques that are guaranteed FOREVER. These make great Christmas gifts for those you love. I encourage you to visit to receive 15% off all Range Leather products when you visit my landing page. Range Leather Products

Seven Weeks Coffee

Help save lives this Christmas season by shopping Seven Weeks Coffee. Seven Weeks Coffee is America’s pro-life coffee company, and it is funding the pro-life movement with every bag of coffee. In just two years’ time, Seven Weeks has raised over $250,000, supporting over 700 pregnancy care centers across the nation. Check out the new Limited Edition Christmas Series and other premium coffees for your Christmas gifts this year. I absolutely love their coffee, and I know you will too! Help save a life today by ordering a coffee gift at; use code ALLIE to save 10%.

Seven Weeks Coffee

We Heart Nutrition Give the gift of health to the special women in your life. We Heart Nutrition is a patriotic family-owned, pro-life vitamin company, and 10% of every purchase goes to support pregnancy centers. We Heart Nutrition sells vitamins for women at every age and stage of life, including specialty options for pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and post-menopause. Beautifully packaged, these vitamins make a great gift. Visit and use the code ALLIE for 20% off. We Heart Nutrition

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