Kelsey Grammer says he still supports Donald Trump

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Actor Kelsey Grammer of “Frasier” fame has


that he still supports former President Donald Trump. “I am,” Grammer said during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” when asked whether he is still a Trump supporter. He added that he would “let that be the end of it.” A radio host noted that “Kelsey Grammer himself was perfectly happy to go on talking about it. The Paramount+ PR people, less happy that he talked about it,” the radio host added, indicating that the PR people decided that there had been “plenty of time for our interview.”

Grammer, who played the character Frasier Crane on the sitcom ”


,” portrayed the character again for the sitcom ”


,” which ran from 1993 until 2004. Grammer is reprising the role of Frasier Crane in the Paramount+ reboot, also titled ”


,” which came out this year — the season 1 finale will come out later this week.

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Buy Diazepam Mexico During a 2019


, Christiane Amanpour noted that Grammer is conservative and had voted for Trump and then asked the actor whether he had taken hits for it. “I’m unaware of taking a hit for it,” Grammer said.

The actor played Christian pastor Chuck Smith in the 2023 film ”

Jesus Revolution

,” which was based on a true story. The real Chuck Smith

passed away

in 2013. While Trump is facing GOP primary competition, he has been able to maintain a massive lead in the polls and appears likely to clinch the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
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