DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans

0 Comments DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans

Buy Xanax Bitcoin DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans

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Auto-generated summary and highlights

  • AI-powered humanoid robots replacing human jobs.
  • China will roll out humanoid robot factories in 2025, with AI brains enabling intelligent simulation of cognition.
  • Humanoid robots will replace most physical jobs, including driving, surgery, and fast food.

Buy Valium Roche Uk AI replacing jobs and depopulation.

  • AI will replace human workers in various industries, including banking, insurance, and journalism.
  • Globalists aim to eliminate “useless eaters” through AI advancements, accelerating depopulation to 2030. Depopulation agendas and AI takeover.

  • Globalists plan to exterminate 4 billion people to solve debt and unemployment problems.
  • Globalists aim to kill off billions through war, famine, or economic collapse to make way for robot takeover. Buy Soma Watson Brand Online AI and automation transforming society.

  • Speaker predicts a future with fewer people and more robots, citing AI-powered drones and Terminator warriors.
  • Speaker predicts widespread AI adoption, job displacement, and societal change.
  • Speaker warns of rapid technological advancements and their potential to make many people obsolete.  

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