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It’s hard to admit, but the U.S. government is being outsmarted by the cartels, coyotes, smugglers, and criminals who are taking advantage of Joe Biden’s lax border policies and sending hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens across the border.

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Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg When one border crossing is targeted by the smugglers, the border patrol surges resources to deal with it. But once the CBP commits the manpower and material to the targeted crossing, the smugglers simply move on to another crossing. The result is a smuggler’s dream; chaos at the border.

You Might Like After the crossing in Eagle Pass, Texas was overwhelmed with thousands of illegals daily in September and October, the smugglers moved on to the sleepy border crossing in Lukeville, Arizona when the border patrol was just getting a handle on the crush of humanity at Eagle Pass. It’s a brilliant strategy. And it’s working.

Buy Valium And Xanax The border patrol has now closed the crossing at Lukeville after the small number of agents assigned to the crossroads couldn’t handle the crush of illegals. This angered Arizona’s Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, former Democrat now independent Senator Krysten Sinema, and Arizona’s Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs.

Buy Valium Roche Uk “This is an unacceptable outcome that further destabilizes our border, risks the safety of our communities, and damages our economy by disrupting trade and tourism,” they said in a joint statement. “The Federal Government must act swiftly to maintain port of entry operations, get the border under control, keep Arizona communities safe, and ensure the humane treatment of migrants.”

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Buy Mexican Xanax Online Asking the Feds for help is a laughable response. They haven’t done much in three years to get a handle on the border, why should they start now? PBS:

Buy Xanax 0.25 Mg The area around the desert crossing has become a major migration route in recent months, with smugglers dropping off people from countries as diverse as Senegal, India and China. Most of them are walking into the U.S. west of Lukeville through gaps in the wall, then head east toward the official border crossing to surrender to the first agents they see in hopes for a chance at asylum.

Customs and Border Protection blamed the hundreds of people arriving daily around Lukeville on “smugglers peddling disinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals.” It was unclear how long the crossing would be shut. According to the Transportation Department, an average of 3140 people crossed the border at Lukeville every day in October. Numbers for November aren’t available yet but given the surge in resources by the CBP to the crossing in the last few weeks, it’s almost certainly more.

The momentum of the crisis is getting harder to stop. According to the Washington Office on Latin America, “Mexico’s southern border city of Tapachula continues to fill up as approximately 6,000 migrants arrive every day along Mexico’s border with Guatemala. Migration through Panama’s Darién Gap remains near record levels, and continues to increase through Honduras.”

Not many of those 6,000 migrants a day are going to stay in Mexico. Most of them will be moving north to the U.S. border. They have been told all they have to do to come and live in America is show up at the border and claim asylum. 

With a five-year backlog for asylum claims, it’s not likely that even if the asylum claim is bogus, anyone will be deported for several years. And if the asylum claim is denied, who’s going to track them down and force them to leave?

Not Joe Biden.

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