Biden declares inflation “over,” orders companies to lower prices


Buy Soma Medication Online blame companies instead, arguing that inflation would not be happening if companies just lowered their prices.

Buy Daz Diazepam Prices are artificially high right now, Biden says, because companies are still holding onto the idea of inflation. Because inflation rates have slowed and some shipping costs have fallen, Biden wants companies to lower their prices immediately so Americans can afford to buy more.

“Any corporation that has not brought their prices back down, even as inflation has come down, even as the supply chains have been rebuilt, it’s time to stop the price-gouging,” Biden said this week while announcing the launch of a new White House supply chain initiative.

Buy Valium Tablets Uk “Give the American consumer a break.”

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Conservatives wrongly blaming “Bidenomics” for inflation The political right has taken aim at Biden’s own policies, blaming them for inflation and also ignoring the Keynesian economic system of fiat money that underpins all of America’s current financial woes.

The “Bidenomics” plan is in the crosshairs of conservatives as the scapegoat for inflation because they say that Democrat efforts to increase worker wages so Americans can afford to live is the reason why prices for consumer goods are higher than they used to be. Neither the left wing nor the right wing is willing to blame the elephant in the room known as usury and the money-printing press that keeps it going. Banks create money out of thin air, then lend it out at interest, creating a death spiral where the dollar is constantly being devalued. Brighteon.TV As the purchasing power of the dollar continues to decrease, foreign wars that American taxpayers are forced to fund always seem to be increasing. And all the while, people are becoming disabled and dying from government-pushed “vaccines” like those for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which effectively took many formerly healthy people out of the workforce.

None of these issues ever seem to get a mention in the news, right or left. Biden blames companies while conservatives blame Democrats, and the chaos and death spiral only continue. “Some companies may be price gouging, but for the most part companies are struggling with increased prices on products, supply chain instability and labor costs,” one media outlet reported about all this. “Nothing works the way it used to and the lack of reliability prices in costs that are hard to measure. When you can’t know that X will be there when you need it next month, businesses can’t run normally.” America’s inflation crisis coupled with poor wages and extremely high cost of living means that many consumers are spending less. This is reducing corporate profits and setting off even more economic dominoes, which are falling one by one by one. “Americans aren’t struggling with resort fees at hotels or Ticketmaster charges, but with feeding their families because the price of groceries is up 20%,” reports explain. What is the solution? One thing is to End the Fed and return the country back to sound money. Only if the parasitical leaches that control the money supply are removed will Americans ever again have the chance to thrive. Until then, the country will continue spiraling into third world status to the point that eventually even the top dogs will suffer when nobody is left beneath them to hold up the pyramid scheme.

Buy Soma 500Mg “Expenses for insurance, rent and taxes are growing faster than inflation on goods, especially for small businesses,” one commenter wrote. “It doesn’t matter to them that they won’t run government within any sort of budget while the rest of us are struggling to stay afloat.”

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