Capitol police INCITED January 6 riot by firing munition into peaceful crowd, new footage shows

Capitol police INCITED January 6 riot by firing munition into peaceful crowd, new footage shows

In the interest of transparency, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has released more than 40,000 hours of January 6 “insurrection” footage showing that what the media reported and what actually happened are two entirely different things.

Those few short minutes of carefully curated footage that the media spread made it seem like the protesters at J6 suddenly started rioting. The truth, based on the much more extensive footage in its totality, suggests that the protesters were incited by law enforcement to create a scene.

The latest footage to come out publicly from this cache of evidence shows Capitol police actually inviting the protesters into the Capitol building – and they did so peacefully, almost as if the protesters were being offered a tour of the facility.

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Other footage shows police officers shooting rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and stun grenades into crowds of peaceful protesters long before anyone was even inside the Capitol building. Together with the other footage, the media painted a false picture that the protest crowds erupted with violence and took over the Capitol building, which is not, apparently, what happened.

(Related: House Speaker Johnson is a rabid Israeli-firster who also pushed Wuhan coronavirus [COVID-19] “vaccines” on Americans.)

It’s no wonder they hid the footage all this time

Were it ever to be discovered that such tactics were used during the George Floyd psy-op to incite riots among Black Lives Matter, or more recently during the pro-Palestinian riots, you can be sure the media would be playing the evidence on loop ad nauseum. But because it is Trump supporters with J6, no such actions are being taken by the media.

All of this proves beyond of a shadow of a doubt that something screwy happened on J6, and that this is the reason why most of the pertinent footage from that fateful day was withheld from the country all this time.

“January 6 was a setup and one of the ringleaders was Pelosi,” one commenter wrote.

“The hearings, the charges, the trials, the sentencing … all designed to quell and cower any opposition in the next presidential election,” suggested another.

“All this and yet Donny refuses to speak one word of support,” wrote another, upset that Donald Trump, the guy whom the protesters were there to support that day, has done nothing, even as several of the protesters continue to rot in prison.


“Until fat boy Donald Trump expresses support, I will vote for Newsom before I vote for Mr. ‘big, beautiful vax.'”

Another said the footage is shocking “but not at all surprising” considering the obvious presence of contractors who were clearly placed within the crowds to incite violence.

“This video is hard evidence of incitement,” this person wrote, “censored for many years … alongside the extensive evidence of gov. agent provocateurs placed in the crowd.”

“The U.S. is done. The collapse is well underway … just all of the rubble hasn’t reached the ground yet.”

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