Anti-Socialist Javier Milei Is Elected President of Argentina

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Anti-socialist Libertarian Party candidate Javier Milei has swept to victory in Argentina’s presidential election. Argentinians poured into the streets to celebrate the win.


Populist Milei’s election opponent, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, conceded, saying, “The results are not what we expected.”  If Milei breaks the typical political mold and lives up to his promises, this could be a positive thing for Argentina, which has been a socialist mess for years. No wonder Argentinians are celebrating in the streets.

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Western leftist media is freaking out, naturally, not only because Milei emphasizes the importance of the culture war and bashed leftism, but because he has peripherally made positive comments about Donald Trump. So all the media with Trump Derangement Syndrome is triggered. Below is a (non-Trump-related) clip of Milei, undated, which could well trigger any wokie:

In the clip, per the translation, Milei says, “You can’t give sh[*]t leftards an inch … all collectivists.” He went on, “If you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you, you can’t negotiate with leftards.” He pointed out that leftists will protect their own, even when they’re, for example, wife beaters or molesters. But “if you’re on the other side, they will ruin you,” he said, emphasizing the double standards. Milei called it a “good thing” that the left’s unrealistic standard of perfection for their opponents does cause right-leaning individuals to live up to a higher standard, and announced, “We are crushing them in the cultural battle. We’re not only superior economically, we are morally superior.” Let’s hope for Argentina’s sake that’s really true of Milei himself.


Since the left can’t beat their opponents in argument, they weaponize the state, Milei said, using “taxpayer money.” But he still insisted the left is “losing the cultural battle.” They seem to have lost the political battle in Argentina with this election.

From Human Events:

[Milei] takes the helm of the country as Argentina faces the worst economic crisis in decades, and he’s promised to fix it. Milei has stated plans to shrink the size of government, eliminate the central bank, and bring in the US dollar. Argentina currently owes the IMF $44 billion.

Milei, a 53-year-old economist, was also a television pundit. He has criticized parties both on the right and the left. His campaign symbol has been a chainsaw, which he uses to emphasize his plan to cut costs. He favors privatizing some state-run enterprises and making big changes to both health and education.

Inflation in Argentina has hit upwards of 140 percent. Two-fifths of Argentinians currently live in poverty.


Only time will tell if Milei will be a good president of Argentina, but his win is a hopeful sign for anti-leftists around the world.

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