Dave Portnoy threatens to sue Cincinnati Bengals after losing $120k bet following unlisted Joe Burrow injury

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Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy threatened to file a class action lawsuit after betting $120,000 on the Cincinnati Bengals football game. Portnoy accused the Bengals of lying about quarterback Joe Burrow’s injury report, which may have decided the outcome of the game.

The Daily Mail reported that Burrow, who left the Thursday-night football game against the Ravens with a wrist injury, was seen before the game with a black sleeve on his throwing hand. However, the issue Portnoy has with the situation is that the Bengals did not provide an injury report for Burrow before the game began.

After Portnoy put $120,000 of his own money on the Bengals, he reportedly felt that he had been robbed of important information that would have dictated how he betted on the game.

Portnoy posted to X: “I’m filing a class action lawsuit against the Bengals and NFL for lying about the injury report.”

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“There is no shot I put 100k hard earned dollars on the Bengals if I knew Joe Burrow was injured going into the game. This committee owes me an apology!”

In a separate X post, Portnoy appears to have turned the situation into a skit, where he suggested anyone who experienced damages from the football game may be entitled to financial compensation, citing his own father as the one to get in touch with.

Though it is unclear how serious Portnoy is about filing a lawsuit against the Bengals, the NFL has launched an investigation into why the Bengals did not list Burrow on their injury report if he was really suffering from a wrist injury.

If the Bengals are found to have been in violation of a rule regarding injured players, they could be at risk of losing a draft pick or receiving a substantial fine.

Bengals’ head coach Zac Taylor said Burrow will likely have to undergo surgery for the injury, according to CNN.

“The play before it happened, I landed on the wrist a little bit, and the next play, the touchdown pass, just felt a pop in the middle of the throw,” Burrows said.

“Tried to give it a go but just couldn’t get it done, and obviously got the news today, so not great.”

Taylor believes Burrow will make a safe recovery, noting that Burrow is “programmed differently.”

“He is just built a little bit different to be able to overcome setbacks and challenges and plays with a chip on his shoulder – all the things that you can say about a guy like that,” Taylor added.

“That’s why I’ve got confidence that he’ll respond from this the right way at the right time. That’s just part of how Joe’s built.”

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